2Pack Photosensitive Mobile Robot Electronic Soldering DIY Kits, PEMENOL Funny Firefly Flash Toys, Adults & Kids STEM Practice Science Project

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Product Description

Photosensitive MobilePhotosensitive Mobile


SFT-Q03YH is a Photosensitive Mobile Robot Simulation Firefly Electronic DIY Kit.

It can simulate the automatic flashing of fireflies, and according to the photosensitive sensor, it can automatically move towards the light at night.

It is a very interesting Mini DIY electronic product, which enables kids to understand the circuit more clearly and learn welding skills








Manual welding:

This product is a kit, you need to weld it yourself. After completion, it will be a unique artwork.


Sensitive movement:

There are two photosensitive sensors on right and left (R1/R4) which simulating the antennae of fireflies. When the light reaches the antennae R1 or R4, Transistor Q1 or Q2 will turn ON, and then the corresponding motor starts to vibrate so that the firefly moves in the direction of light.


Breathing light:

The breathing lamp circuit is controlled by lm358 chip, which can simulate the effect of fireflies ‘ slow ON and OFF.







Blue potentiometer

Used to adjust the sensitivity of the blue LED light; control the blinking frequency of the breathing light. Imitate the flash effect of fireflies

High-quality photosensitive sensor

The light-sensitive sensor is covered with a heat-shrinkable tube to help gather the light, so that the fireflies can better condense the light and move

Button battery powered

Button batteries are not included, customers need to purchase matching button batteries by themselves

 Funny Firefly Flash Kit Funny Firefly Flash Kit


Photosensitive automatic movement

Breathing light flashes automatically

Perfect simple circuit

DIY hand soldering

High simulation firefly

Welding DIY Toy Kit Welding DIY Toy Kit

Installation Tips

1>. The user needs to prepare the welding tool first.

2>. Please be patient until the installation is complete.

3>. The package is a DIY kit. It need finish installing by the user.

4>. The soldering iron can’t touch the components for a long time(1.0 seconds), otherwise, it will damage the components.

5>. Pay attention to the positive and negative of the components.

6>. Strictly prohibit short circuits.

7>. The user must install the LED according to the specified rules. Otherwise, some LEDs will not light.

8>. Install complex components preferentially.

9>. Make sure all components are in the right direction and right place.

10>. Check that all of the LEDs can be illuminated.

11>. It is strongly recommended to read the installation manual before starting installation!!!

12>. Please wear anti-static gloves or anti-static wristbands when installing electronic components.

Please read the installation manual before welding


Adults & Kids STEM Practice Science ProjectAdults & Kids STEM Practice Science Project

Training welding skills

Student school

DIY production

Project Design

Electronic competition

Gift giving

Crafts collection

Home decoration

Souvenir collection

Graduation design

Work Voltage


Work Current


Work Temperature




★Photosensitive Firefly Robot: This electronic kit imitates the shape of a firefly. After turning on the switch, the LED light on the tail flashes like a firefly glowing. When the light enters the two antennae, the firefly will move. It’s very interesting
★The best choice for soldering novice and Electronics DIY’er: This DIY kit is very simple. Follow our instructions for soldering, and you will have a 99.9% chance of success. It is very suitable for children and electronic beginners to practice soldering
★Exercise Hands-on Ability: This was super fun and challenging kit for you and your kids, students, electronics lovers to practice their hands-on ability and soldering skills. The connection that was clearly mapped and labeled on the board makes it easy to assemble
★Perfect choice of Kid’s gift: This is DIY kits, not the end product! The soldering Project requires basic electronic knowledge and hands-on ability. You will get a funny Electronic simulation firefly when you complete the assembly. The funniest toy gift for kids
★LED light flashing frequency is adjustable:The flashing frequency of the blue LED light at the tail of the firefly can be adjusted by a potentiometer. Note: This product does not contain batteries, you need to prepare button batteries by yourself

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