PROMISEDLAND VICTOR Pentagram Star Beginner Soldering Practice Kit ,Electronics DIY Soldering Project, Colorful Flashing for Practicing Assemble, Creative Warm Present,Acrylic Shell

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Pentagram Star Soldering Practice Kit Pentagram Star Soldering Practice Kit

PROMISEDLAND VICTOR Pentagram Star Soldering Practice Kit

Thanksgiving is coming soon! Christmas is coming soon! Are you still upset about preparing what kind of gifts for your girlfriends, children, parents and friends? When you choose this soldering practice kit, treat your loved one with your sincerity! Spend your time and energy! You will get a colorful and cool five-pointed star LED electronic gift! I believe that when everyone receives such a perfect gift that you have made, they will be extremely happy, and it is hard to believe that you have become an electronic expert! And they are very precious! Worth a lifetime collection!

soldering practice kit soldering practice kit

The Night is More Warm

When you feel lonely, plug in the electricity, turn on the finished electronic soldering practice kit , watch the changes in the light, and listen to the many “Andersen’s Fairy Tales” and “The Grimm’s Fairy Tales” again. The characters inside are from the light. It’s out! Amazing!

Teacher with Students are soldering Teacher with Students are soldering

Pentagram Star Shell Pentagram Star Shell

Easy Shell Installation

The shell is very important for the PCB board, it can protect the PCB board from the influence of static electricity and moisture, and prolong the service life of the product! Installing the shell requires the correct method and patience! Because you are about to finish a job soon!

Please prepare a magnetic screwdriver!

12 sets of 2mm screws and nuts

4pcs copper posts and 4pcs 3mm screws

Learning Electronic Soldering Practice Kit Starts with Children

Need to be Accompanied By a Teacher or Parents to Operate Together

Under the guidance of STEM education, our children increasingly want to explore the mysteries of the electronic world! Electronic welding skills are our key to the electronic world, master it. We can operate many electronic products very well. This five-pointed star electronic welding practice kit is very simple to operate. As long as the positive and negative poles of the LED are distinguished, the long leg is the positive pole and the short leg is the negative pole. Attention to detail!

Pay attention to the electric soldering gun heating


The concept of PROMISEDLAND VICTOR is based on STEM education-electronic information accompanies children to grow up!

PROMISEDLAND VICTOR products undertake the transition from children to teenagers.The entry level is low.Generally minors over the age of 16 can learn quickly.Of course,teachers should guide them when soldering! Be careful! At the same time,you need to understand the safety of the Electric soldering iron!

Electronic soldering skills can cultivate people’s independent thinking,practical ability,and concentration.In the welding process,you can learn a lot of knowledge of components in electronic products.Such as resistors,LED have positive and negative poles,capacitors have positive and negative poles,knowledge of triodes and so on.

After thinking,assembling,soldering,and experimenting,I finally got the joy of success!Gain confidence,give the finished product to relatives and friends,and pass on joy!It is to convey the belief in loving life !


【Simple and Easy to start】 PROMISEDLAND VICTOR 5-points star is especially suitable for soldering beginners, simple 7 pieces resistors, 50 pieces LED lamp beads, 1 piece 51 single-chip microcomputer, 1 piece IC socket, 1piece pin header, 1 piece key switch, 1piece power interface, 1piece Set of acrylic shell.
【51 MCU】 This 51 single chip has all the input programs, you only need to solder the IC socket on the PCB board and insert the 51 MCU. The pin headers on the side and the short pin headers are soldered on the PCB board. Note that there is a gap in the header corresponding to the square opening (+) of the PCB.
【50 pieces LEDs】 Remember, the long leg of the LED lamp is soldered to the positive pole of the PCB (square port +), and the short leg is soldered to the PCB (round port -).
【Other components】 According to the position of R1-R7 on the PCB board, insert 7 pieces resistors into the resistors and solder them. The resistance is not divided into positive and negative poles. The key switch and the power interface are inserted into the PCB board and soldered. Pay attention to the independent opening of each soldering port to prevent joint soldering.
【Install Acrylic Board】First find the button switch and install it. The button is outside for easy switching. Install the relevant copper pillars. Congratulations on completing the conference. Now you need to connect a 5V-2A charging head or a computer USB port to boot. Look at your masterpiece!

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